Your account

To buy products on 01supply, you must create a reseller account here. If you have a Shopify store, we recommend you go through the Shopify App store here.

Once you have a reseller account, you can start using 01supply, import products, buy them, etc…

Import list

You can add 01supply products to your import list by clicking the “Add to import list” button on a product page.

Your import list allows you to manage your products.

Once you are satisfied with the products in your import list, you can push them to your inventory.


Your inventory lists all your 01supply products.

If your 01supply account is linked to a Shopify store, it synchronizes the data with your Shopify inventory (e.g. prices, quantity, images, description, etc…).

If you have no Shopify store, you can still use 01supply manually. Indeed, just click the “Export to CSV” button at the top right. Then, just import this CSV file to your online store (Woocommerce, Wix, Squarespace, etc…).


Make sure to fill in all your settings. This is very important as it helps your suppliers have all the information if they need to contact you. Also, you can add your tax or customs number in the settings to get invoices for example.

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