Shipping Methods

Shipping methods are an important part of the setup. It allows you to manage rates and zones you want to ship to. Indeed, you can apply multiple rates and prices to specific zones.

You could set multiple delivery methods for the USA zone.


Zone : USA
Shipping methods :
DHL - 3 days - $9.99
Postal parcel - 9 days - FREE

How to add a Shipping Method ?

Go to your Settings and click the “Shipping methods” tab.

From there, you will see a button to “Add a shipping zone”. Click on it to start the setup.

Now, you need to select the zone you want to ship to. Be aware that you can add multiple shipping zones if you have different rates. If you want to ship worldwide, select “Rest of the world” in the zones.

For example, you can select Canada and USA in your zone.

Once you have selected the countries of your first zone, you can now add shipping methods to that zone. In order to do that, you must add a shipping name, a delivery time, and a shipping price.

For example, you can set DHL Express, 2-3 days and $9.99.

Now that your first shipping zone is set up, you can add as many shipping zones and shipping methods as you want.

How to apply shipping methods for specific products ?

At the top of your shipping methods settings, you can enable a feature that will automatically apply all shipping methods for all products.

If you don’t want this to happen, you can uncheck it. Then, you need to manually apply the shipping methods you want for each product. Read the product creation documentation here to learn how to apply shipping methods for specific products.

Good practices

  1. Offering free shipping makes the customer more likely to buy from you. Indeed, shipping price often acts as a problem for the buyer as he probably did not expect to pay more than anticipated.
  2. If some product variants have higher shipping fees, you can include the shipping price into your product price.
  3. The shipping name must be the name of the carrier.
  4. Once your products are published, make sure all shipping methods are available. Otherwise, customers won’t be able to order from you.

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