Dropshipping resellers

Dropshipping is an e-commerce logistic system that lets the supplier send the order to the final reseller’s customer.

01supply allows you to work with dropshipping resellers. They will find you through the marketplace but you can also invite them to work with you.

How to find dropshipping resellers ?

Most dropshipping resellers are using Shopify to sell online. The good news is that 01supply can be installed on Shopify stores through the Shopify app store. It helps resellers use the app and automate some processes like product import and sales.

Here are some tips to find dropshipping stores and resellers:

1. Use the Google Search bar

Search for [Your niche + store + “powered by Shopify”]. This technique will display stores in your niche that are using Shopify.

2. Use Myip.ms

Myip.ms is a free software allowing you to see all websites for each Hosting system.

In the section “Full/Part Website Name”, enter your niche name. You can try different related keywords.

In the section IP “Owner/Parent IP Owner/Hosting”, select “Shopify, Inc”.

Then click on Search.

This will display only Shopify websites that are in your niche.

3. Use Reverse Image Search

Reverse search is a powerful tool. Dropshipping resellers often sell the same products. Therefore you can easily find similar stores thanks to the Google Reverse Image Search.

Just right-click on an image from a store, and click on “Search image with Google Lens”. This will display results that match the selected image. With that, you can find competitors and maybe new collaborators.

Dropshipping resellers also often use Aliexpress products in their store. Therefore it is a smart idea to use Reverse Image Search with Aliexpress products that match your niche. With that technique, you will find dropshipping stores selling those products. Then it is very easy to find a way to contact them and offer them to sell your products too.

What to send to dropshipping resellers ?

Here is an email template that you can send to dropshipping resellers that you found online :


My name is [you name]. I am a dropshipping supplier of [your niche] products.

I had a look at your store. It looks awesome.
Are you doing dropshipping ?

I can provide you with my items that you can find here : [your 01supply store].

[Shortly argue on the advantages of your products - quality, shipping, handcrafted,...]

Let me know if you would be ok to sell my products.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

[your name]

[your company]

[your phone or Whatsapp]

In the next emails, you can offer him to register on 01supply as a reseller. Thanks to that, your collaboration will be automated and fast.

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