Getting Paid

Yeah, you have made your first sale ! Congratulations. Now it is time to receive your payment.

To configure your payments methods, go in the settings and click on “Payments”.

On 01supply, you can collect payment with this method:

  • Stripe

Automatic payments

We are partnering with Stripe to connect your account easily and seamlessly. Therefore, you will receive payments automatically.


Stripe is the recommended payment method. If your country supports Stripe payments, we highly recommend you to connect a Stripe account.

Stripe is a leading company in online payments. It allows you to receive the money easily in your bank account. The process is automated, fast, and secure.

Click on “Add Stripe” to start the configuration. You must follow the steps to connect your account. If you already have a verified Stripe account, we recommend you directly link it, as it will be way faster to do.

If you are new to Stripe, you will need to create an account through the process. Then you must verify your Stripe account.

Unverified Stripe accounts won’t be able to receive payments.

If you are unsure about your Stripe account status, contact our support here.

Stripe fees : 2%

Processing time : 2-7 days depending on your Stripe account

Processing time : 7-14 days

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