How to create a product ?

Once you have finished the setup of your account, all you want to do now is start publishing your products on the marketplace.

If you are already selling on Etsy, Wix, Shopify, or any other platform, we recommend you take a look at our bulk import feature here.

If you want are not selling online yet, or if you want to edit your products, make sure to follow this guide carefully.

First, click go to your Inventory. From there, click on “My products” in the dropdown. This is where all your products will be listed.

To start creating your first product, click on “Add product”.

Then, here is the explanation for each section :

Name : This will help resellers find your product in the marketplace.

Description : Tell us more about your product (specifications, materials, special instructions, sizing, ...). Be sure to include your warranties in the description.

Images : Import images of your product. Avoid watermarks and branding. These images will be used by resellers so be sure to clearly represent your product to avoid confusion.

Pricing : The price is what resellers will pay once they order from you. Compare at price allows you to make special offers. Compare at price must be higher than the price.

Inventory : How many items you have in stock. Resellers won’t be able to order more than that.

Options : Check this section if your product has variants like sizes or colors. You can add up to three different options (size, color, and material for example).

Variants : Click on “Add a new variant” to add a variant. For example “S”, or “XL”.

Thematics : This acts as a sorting feature. Select the thematic that suits best your product. If you don’t find a corresponding thematic, you can send a thematic suggestion that we will review within 2 business days.

Status : You can either mark your product as published or unpublished. Unpublished products won’t be visible in the marketplace.

Origin : The country from where the product is shipped.

Processing time : Time (in days) to ship an order.

Shipping methods : Select the shipping methods associated with this product.

Sorting : Choose a category and a maximum of three tags relevant to this product.

Selling limit : Many suppliers can’t afford to sell too many items. So you can set a maximum amount of resellers able to sell your product. You can also define the maximum of orders per month for this specific product.

Once your product is edited, you can click on save.

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